We recommend our Intro to Personal Training package which is 3-30 minute training sessions & a 30 minute Wellness/Strategy session. During your Wellness/Strategy session, medical history is taken as well as goal setting, to guide the structure of the sessions. Do you want to lose weight?, increase your strength? Improve cardio vascular endurance? Improve daily functional living? These are some of the goals our clients are working on, and each program is tailored to the individual. Intro package is $125. 


Training is scheduled and booked at the beginning of each month and payment is due then. 8 hr cancellation policy for sessions. Sessions cancelled outside this window will result in a lost session. Please give a two week notice if you plan to discontinue training so that your spot can be filled by another client. 


Payments are made by credit card when appointments are booked online through your Mindbody account. Cash & checks accepted in person to be applied to your account to purchase individual sessions and packages. 

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